A Song of Fire and Ice

via Daily Prompt: Symphony

You hear a  song for the first time (not necessarily a new one, but that which you discovered recently) and you instantly like it. In just a matter of minutes,  your ears are plugged with earphones, you are banging your head or tapping your foot to the beat of the song that’s set on replay in your iPod.

Then for the next few days, you’re stuck with it that you even hum the tune in your sleep.  Deny it all you want, but you know LSS has done you in big time. And that’s when it hits you–you’re hooked.

More like when you think you’re “in love.”

Infatuation is a more accurate word, but you wouldn’t put it that way because it sounds too immature, too vague to even label your sudden inexplicable feelings. The truth is, there is just no word for it, really. You just know you wake up one day thinking everything will be the way things have always been–just another ordinary day until you saw that person and bam! Your life changes.

So just like the new song you’ve come to like, you go on everyday looking for ways to spend time with the object of your affection. You do everything to see them and make them notice you back. Maybe a glance or two from them is enough to make your day.

But you never get enough of it. You have to know more about the song. And the person.

The first few weeks are the hardest. And the most exhilarating, exciting and excruciating experience you’ll ever have. You’re starting to recognize emotions no words could give justice to. So, you try to “get to know” the song. You play it on repeat until you think you know the lyrics. You struggle to verbalize most of the words that go with the tune like groping for  black socks in a dark room–in the middle of the night. But no matter how much you try to get the words right, sometimes you’re a little too carried away with the feel of the music that you think, “Screw the right words. I’m gonna sing it the way I want to.”

You think you got the song all figured out, right? You think you would never need to look up the lyrics to prove that your whims about it are true. But who are you kidding? Sooner or later you hear other people singing the same song you’re so addicted to… only to find out you’ve been singing it all wrong. And you kick yourself for believing otherwise. Now you know better, but still love the song.

When you finally truly memorized the song–lyrics to tune, head to foot, skin and bones, you started to get tired of it. Somehow, the song that you’ve once struggled to master, the very one that you have painstakingly learned, devoted your time and got attached to just juiced the interest out of you. What was on repeat is now on a shuffle and no longer included in your New Playlist.

Then soon enough, you’ll discover another song and a new obsession is underway. You look at the title of the song flashing on your screen and couldn’t even remember how and why you have become so bent with it in the first place. You were sure it must have been the lyrics or the tune that got you so fired up, but now? All that’s left is the embers, cold and gray.



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