My 7-Word Stories

Last year I attended a Creative Writing workshop and learned about flash fiction which basically challenges writers to write stories in very short words. It’s like bottling up large-scale ideas and universal truths in very few, limited, and carefully-chosen words that would carry out the total weight of a story.

There are only a few rules in flash fiction such as: make your sentences short and clear, and never start at the beginning of the story. I took this challenge in a personal level and created my own 7-Word Stories which, as clearly stated, are stories embodied in a seven-word sentences. Each telling a different story, from different perspective and in a different way.

Here they are.

           I’ll tell stories with only seven words.

            Illusion. That’s how I define “us.”

           My Marius has already found his Cosette.

           Depressed: the state of being naturally me.


           Dear Heart,

                 You still functional?




           Explain love in two words: nobody can.

           You promised “forever.” This fool believed you.

           I know you’re tired. I am too.

           Separated by circumstances, brought together by fate.


           Me: Love you too

           You: Wake up.


           I’m keeping my head above water, okay?

           He’s my favorite reason to live.

           “I’m so fine without him,” I lied.

           You realized you were wrong about us.

           She’ll always have what I never had.

           I’m a butter and you’re the sun.

           I’d rather be called ugly than stupid.

           It wasn’t a mistake, just a redirection.

           Then, you stopped wasting time on me.

           Why do we keep on loving, anyway?

           You’re the poetry that I can’t write.

           You’re the star in my moonless night.

           I used to be happy being alone.

           I used to be alone being happy.

           I was fine…and then you happened.

          Like tears, I fall for you every time.

           You can’t kill addiction by killing addicts.

           You don’t make sense to me, either.

           I’m a piece of his forgotten past.

           I thought I can forget about you.

           You were just being yourself, like always.

           How can seven words say so much?

          Please stop killing me with those smiles.

           Love is a sickness she’s immune to.

           Your gifts are not what I need.

           He sees me, but not my value.

           I’m so over him…anytime soon.

The power of short, simple and numbered words should never be underestimated especially in writing. It may be challenging and exacting, but what is not, right? Just keep in mind and make sure to always KISS (Keep It Short and Simple).































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