You’ve created an account in social media and started to participate in the social pool to meet a whole lot of different personalities. Congratulations, for like me, you’ve finally decided to step out of your cave and avail a dose of “modern civilization”…. So let me walk you through this whole new jungle called the social media and warn you about the 7 people you’ll surely meet along the way..

1. People who share their private and intimate stuff in public which no one understands because it’s contextual and no one really cares about it because it’s personal. ‪#‎fad‬

2. People posting how they are too busy that they don’t have a life–and yet, amazingly, have the time to post about that. ‪#‎frontAct‬

3. People in love rubbing their relationship on everybody’s faces like they are the least miserable ones. Fine, you’re the sweetest couple on earth. Ok already. ‪#‎thefeeelss‬

4. People who think they are naturally beautiful and post their “prettiest” photo after taking a hundred selfies on Camera 360 and put hashtags implying they woke up with that look. ‪#‎fake‬

5. People who broadcast every little detail about their pathetic existence–from whining about a nail polish color to ranting about a random experience and everything in between. ‪#‎facade‬

6. People who do what everyone else does just so they don’t fall out of fashion and are not left out. Then brag it to the world like they’re the only one who has or does it. ‪#‎fool‬

7. Lastly, people who purposefully hit the LIKE button on others’ posts in the hopes that they’ll return the favor. Kind of like fishing for Likes. Yikes.‪#‎fastidious‬

And there you have it. You never know you might be one of them someday. Or you already are one of them now. But the only sure thing is you’ll meet one or two of these. And yes, you’re welcome.


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